It’s safe to say that you desire to maximize your company’s revenue, profit and value. You may seek to increase your top line by 200%, 500%, even 1000% over the next 3-5 years. Yet how do you reach that goal? What capital will you need? How will your systems and staffing need to grow to create and support that top line growth? CFO Options can help.

Much of the work to answer those questions and figure out the best way to achieve and sustain your desired growth comes from strategic planning, forecasting and financial modeling. It also requires accounting systems, internal controls and best practices to provide the historical information that is the basis for much of the forward-looking projections and models. Further, to raise and manage the cash needed to grow your business, you will need timely, accurate and actionable financial reports.

Our services cover these two areas:  Strategic Planning & Profit Enhancement and Accounting & Administrative

Strategic Planning and Profit Enhancement

CFO Options will help you figure out the best way to grow your company, raise the capital to fuel that growth, increase profit margins and keep costs within planned levels.

Our strategic services designed to support growth and enhance profit include:

  • Budgeting, financial forecasting and scenario & product modeling
  • Cash forecasting and planning
  • Capital raises
  • Investor relations and reporting
  • Strategic planning, business plans & 5-year models
  • Commission, incentive & equity plans
  • Margin analysis & improvement
  • Merger, acquisition & exit strategies
  • Identifying and implementing cost savings including but not limited to the areas of:
    • Health insurance
    • Property & casualty insurance
    • Productivity and personnel
    • Systems
    • Underlying product and core service providers

Accounting & Administrative

Our services will positively impact the following departments and functions:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping: Internal controls, best practices, cash management, financial statement preparation and reporting, variance and account analyses and proper revenue recognition.
  • Payroll & Human Resources: Efficient and accurate payroll processing, better health care insurance and benefits and complete and accurate state and federal compliance reporting including the ACA.
  • Risk Management: Review and recommend types of insurance, levels of coverage and choice of broker and carrier.
  • IT: System efficiency and reliable telecom, file access and IT support.