We know we’re not the only company to offer part-time CFO services. Here’s what makes CFO Options different:

#1: We think like entrepreneurs

You need and deserve financial professionals that have worked in an entrepreneurial environment and are comfortable working with entrepreneurial CEO/owners who are generally very different from corporate CEOs. Our CFOs and Controllers have experience and an affinity to working with entrepreneurs.

#2: We understand the business issues not just the financial ones

Our CFO’s understand the business issues and considers the impact of financial decisions on the business and its customer experience–not just how those things impact the numbers. This means you have a true advisor for not only those matters related to dollars and cents but also the ones related to better engaging customers and employees.

#3: We have an outstanding track record helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Our CFO’s know how to help entrepreneurial companies by aligning the right pieces for rapid growth, including building a finance and accounting department, implementing systems to manage growth and raising capital. These efforts have catapulted many entrepreneurial clients, including ones that: 

  • Increase profits 73% on a 21% increase in revenue in one year
  • Tripled operating cash flow with a modest revenue increase
  • Grew revenue from $0 to $10 million in two years
  • Grew revenue from $1 million to $35 million in four years
  • Raised debt and equity with amounts ranging from $500,000 to $100 million