You have a vision.
You have the product or service.
You can develop new business.


It appears you have an excellent foundation. So why are you feeling frustrated?

Because if you’re like many founders and CEO’s of fast-growing entrepreneurial companies, there always seems to be another challenging financial question lurking around the corner. Such questions are keeping you from working on the aspects of the business you enjoy most. What you could really use instead is a true financial expert to serve as your part-time CFO utilizing their broad experience and expertise to take a wide array of financial matters off your plate.

That’s exactly where CFO Options comes in.

We help you profitably grow your business by making sure you have:

  • The cash necessary to operate and grow
  • The time to focus on your vision, product and sales
  • The information and analyses to make critical business decisions necessary to maximize revenue, profit, growth and value
  • The advice & leadership to help increase your profitability, grow your top line faster and avoid pitfalls that can derail your business.

CFO Options also fulfills the role of your company’s financial watchdog. In an effort to head off unnecessary risks, we ask the critical questions you may not have thought of and serve as the skeptic in the room.

With CFO Options focusing on the complete picture of your company’s financial health and helping you create and execute strategies to sustain profitable growth, you can focus more on your vision, product and sales. It’s time to see how we do it.