Where entrepreneurs turn for fractional financial management and accounting​

Clients come to us because they either want or need:

  • More cash to fuel and support their growth
  • More profit and cash flow when the top line is growing but the bottom line isn’t
  • To ensure their top line growth results in additional profitability
  • The ability to  maximize their profitability near-term and long-term even if that means decreasing losses to make cash last longer
  • Better information, analyses and advice to help make the best critical decisions
  • More time to run and grow their business because their time keeps getting subsumed by financial and accounting management and tasks

This is where the CFOs, Controllers, Accountants & Financial Analysts at CFO Options come in. We’ll help you solve these problems and more.

With us at your side, you’ll have a financial watchdog and someone who asks the critical questions you may not have thought of.

Our financial team focuses on the complete picture of your company’s financial health and helps you develop strategic plans to sustain profitable growth, so you can focus more time  on your vision, product and sales.

Alex Fayn
S NET Communications
Chief Executive Officer

“Larry finds a way to say “yes” and make things happen. If you want someone that helps produce the results, Larry is the outsourced CFO for you.”

Joe Diamond
All Campus, LLC

“Larry helped us improve our processes so that we could run the business more efficiently and anticipate problems before they occurred.”

Steve Miller
Devine Sports

“I have had a broad business experience. Larry matches up to the best I’ve encountered. His focus and tireless work ethic provided me a “partner in business.” If I was beginning a new business or assuming a leadership of an existing brand, Larry Levy would be my first hire.”