This is awesome. It’s exactly what I was looking for.
Commented Jeff Rosset, CEO of Sales Assembly, upon reviewing the financial model and dashboard developed by CFO Options.

Larry Levy was exactly the type of senior financial executive we needed as we went through the process of selling our fast-growing company which provided B2B SaaS products for the energy market. He’s hard-working, financially astute, detail oriented, and has sound business judgment. He was extremely valuable helping us complete the process in a timely manner. Larry really cares about his clients and their success.
Tim Stojka
CEO, Agentis, Inc.

“This is F$%KING AWESOME!”

“I feel like I have been revived from cardiac arrest.”

Wrote Tony Andrews, owner and President of Tandem Construction after review of a new cash management tool created by Geoff Schleitin, fractional CFO with CFO Options.

“As I get older, I am more data driven than anything and this has allowed me the opportunity to react not only based on my gut but the numbers that support it along with an impartial perspective that agrees with it.”

“Larry’s knowledge and work are imperative to my financial success. He finds a way to say “yes” and make things happen. If you want someone who can play an instrumental part of your business that helps produce the results, Larry is the outsourced CFO for you.”
Alex Fayn, Chief Executive Officer
S NET Communications

“Hiring CFO Options was the best decision I ever made. As our outsourced AP department, they quickly learned all of our vendors and took bill pay and bookkeeping off our plate so we can focus on the strategy and operations of the business. CFO Options has also brought stronger financial planning and analysis so that we can be even more proactive and strategic in guiding our company’s growth. They’ve also been fun to work with – not always something you expect when working on financials!”
Stephanie Morimoto, CEO,

“CFO Options’ team brings with it decades of combined experience and success. Larry and his team were able to quickly transition and integrate with the company, understand our business and bring positive change to the finance aspect of the company.”
Jim Corelis, President
FastModel Sports

“Larry has helped our company tremendously. We have grown from 40 employees to over 100 in just two years and needed a more global financial perspective to operate the business. We had our own way of tackling our financial and accounting challenges, and Larry helped us improve our processes so that we could run the business more efficiently and anticipate problems before they occurred.

As well, Larry helped us bring in resources as necessary to complete financial related tasks, both big and small. For example, for the very large task of updating our financial business model, Larry brought in talent to evaluate the current model, understand the business needs and produce a far more streamlined and elegant solution. On a similar scale, Larry was able to oversee the management of our financial data, how it is compiled, ensuring the data always reconciles and ultimately that the data is reported consistently and accurately into QuickBooks.

Finally, Larry has converted his years of experience and leadership to the strong coaching and mentoring our financial leadership team. With the wrong personality, this could easily have faced heavy resistance, but Larry was able to paint the picture of where this long term advise will lead to greater growth and development for both the company and the individual.”
Joe Diamond, CEO
All Campus, LLC

“Larry is a true professional. When we needed him most he really stepped up.”
Ross Comerford
FastModel Sports

“Larry has been immensely valuable to me as my “hired gun” CFO, particularly so assisting with financial and business due diligence related to acquisition transactions. His organizational skills and attention to detail have allowed me to stay focused on strategic business matters with the confidence that critical activities are being attended to. As a fast-growing startup Larry and CFO Options has been a perfect fit for our organization in terms of both scope/quality of work and affordability.”
Kevin Allodi, CEO
Philo Media, Inc.

“Your Accountant Michael is just the best. He epitomizes “making our lives easier.”
Stephanie Morimoto, CEO,

“I contacted Larry 12 months into my business to assist in building a financial model around my 5 year plan. Prior to starting my business, I had a 10 year background in sales, recruiting, and management – finance being my blind spot. Larry and team assessed the current state of my company as well as future goals – then built a working model for me that I can now utilize on an on-going basis to ensure I have financial discipline around my business.

Because of the model built and advice along the way, I immediately and significantly changed several areas of my business: pricing, AR policies, compensation modeling, hiring forecasts, banking relationships, and budgeting. Very eye opening experience that would’ve taken me years of costly mistakes and diminished profitability. I’m probably several years away from needing an in-house CFO/Controller, but having Larry and CFO Options as a partner on a fractional basis greatly increases my confidence in achieving the long term goals I have set out for my business.”
Tim Schumm, Founder & President
Lucas James Talent Partners

“Larry was an excellent VP of Finance at Access One for 5+ years. He’s extremely trustworthy, ethical and accurate. I recommend Larry’s expertise to any business seeking to improve its financial status.”
Brian Barkley, CEO
Access One, Inc.

“As a former Vice President of Nike and a university lecturer and Fellow, I have had a broad business experience. Larry matches up to the best I’ve encountered. His focus and tireless work ethic provided me a “partner in business.” If I was beginning a new business or assuming a leadership of an existing brand, Larry Levy would be my first hire.”
Steve Miller
CEO, Devine Sports
CEO, Agassi Graff Holdings

“As a result of widely embraced deregulation in the radio industry broadcast companies including Marathon Media began to acquire multiple radio stations in a single market. Companies also began wide expansion into markets where consolidation was a key value creation option. As Marathon grew from a modest small market operator into major consolidator and ultimately established a national operating platform with nearly 135 stations Larry Levy (CFO) was retained to maximize efficiencies which resulted in meaningful cost savings and a centralized accounting and administrative staff. The results Larry achieved helped Marathon produce EBITDA margins which well exceeded industry standards. Larry’s relationship with the Company’s lenders met their strict reporting standard and resulted in a successful outcome for the lending institutions and the company. We continue to consult with Larry on initiatives which involve management’s continued work in broadcasting.”
Chris Devine, Chief Executive Officer
Marathon Media
Geo Broadcast Solutions

“Larry has been our go-to resource for CFO services. He’s been very helpful in fleshing out our financial model and forecast business scenarios and fundraising needs. As a growth-stage startup, Larry’s services, timeliness and price have been perfect for our needs”
Tejas Shastry
CEO Stryde Technologies, Inc.

“I am really happy that for the first time I have somebody on my team that cares about S-Net money.”
Alex Fayn, CEO
S Net Telecom