“Larry has been immensely valuable to me as my ‘hired gun’ CFO, particularly so assisting with financial and business due diligence related to acquisition transactions.  His organizational skills and attention to detail have allowed me to stay focused on strategic business matters with the confidence that critical activities are being attended to.  As a fast-growing startup Larry and CFO Options has been a perfect fit for our organization in terms of both scope/quality of work and affordability.”
Kevin Allodi, Chief Executive Officer
Philo Media

Once you’ve designed and launched your product or service, figured out how to sell and market it and deliver it, CFO Options helps you/entrepreneurs in three core ways.

Find and generate the cash needed to fuel your growth,

Whether it’s developing financial models or pitch decks, responding to investor financial due diligence requests or working with you and your attorney to get a capital round raise closed and funded, we serve as the financial arm of your capital raising efforts.

We also help you generate cash to fuel and support your growth through better management of accounts receivable, accounts payable and expenses with a strong focus on improving both gross profit margins and minimizing growth in operating expenses.

Make sure revenue growth is profitable growth and to maximize your overall profitability.

Although there are exceptions, we believe that when you grow your top line it should add to your bottom line. We help make sure that the gross profit margin of your planned revenue growth will be strong, that marketing and commissions costs are appropriate given your gross profit margins and make sure that overhead expenses stay in check and per plan. These actions up front and on-going help ensure that your revenue growth will not be in vain.

Find more time to run and grow your company while we focus on the financial management, accounting and reporting needs.

In the very early stages of most companies, the founder wears many hats including CFO and bookkeeper. At some point, and it varies by company and situation, it makes sense to delegate these responsibilities to others. When the needs is fractional, CFO Options helps you spend more of your time running and growing your company and less on financial management, reporting and bookkeeping.