FastModel Sports, a SaaS provider: Grow Revenue, Profits and Cash Flow


Having just completed a large layoff to right size the business including the CFO, the company goal was to grow revenue and profit without any significant increase in staffing costs and to provide more timely, accurate and actionable reports and analyses to the new President and the Board. Additionally, the company sought to stay cash positive through the end of the non-selling season each year (which had not previously been achieved.)


With a CFO Options team of an accountant, a controller and a CFO, we:

  • Took over revenue recognition
  • Developed a new tool to analyze time and costs for the capitalization of software development costs
  • Updated and streamlined cash forecasting and management tool
  • Created a new budget and forecasting format that included segregating operating expenses by department
  • Developed new sales pacing reports
  • Developed attrition reports by product and customer channel


  • Annual profit increased significantly pre-CFO Options to post
  • Successful CPA audits of financials including revenue recognition and capitalized software development
  • Board approved budget and operating plan for 2020 and 2021 which in turn led to increased profitability and significant increase in revenue for 2021 meeting the Board’s ARR (annual recurring revenue) goal
  • Attained 2 PPP loans each necessary to keep the business moving forward; successful forgiveness of first loan; approval of second pending
  • Clear sales and attrition reporting as compared to plan and prior year allowing for better sales management and visibility to Board and investment banker as to progress increasing revenue to target ARR for sale of business
  • Accelerated monthly close process
  • Streamlined and consolidated monthly Board reporting